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Held annually at the renowned Dacia UTMB Mont-Blanc, the UTMB World Series Finals are the pinnacle of trail running.

Direct access to the UTMB World Series Finals is awarded only through the UTMB® World Series Events or UTMB World Series Majors. Qualification can be earned through a top placed podium finish or through a high performance level in the race score.

Qualification period for the UTMB World Series finals 2024

The qualification period for the UTMB Finals is the calendar year prior to the finals.

  • UTMB World Series races in 2023 qualify for the 2024 UTMB World Series Finals.
  • UTMB World Series races in 2024 qualify for the 2025 UTMB World Series Finals.

Change of category

Any runner can request a change of category, one category above or below. The exception to this is a 20K result cannot qualify for the OCC. The request will be evaluated by the UTMB World Series Sport Committee, and will depend on the reason given by the runner and the availability of bibs in the requested race. Requests should be made as soon as qualification is obtained.

UTMB Score Explained

The UTMB score is the number awarded to each finisher of a UTMB World Series Final, Major, Event race or UTMB Index race in the 20K, 50K, 100K and 100M categories depending on performance (boxed in blue in the image on the right). The UTMB Index is established by taking into account the 5 best scores (boxed in blue in the image on the right).

Example: For example, Blandine L'Hirondel got a UTMb Score of 797 when she won the CCC in 2022. Her overall UTMB Index is 810.

The aim of developing this system is to allow you to know at the end of your race if you are qualified for the UTMB World Series Finals. This system replaces the current "second chance" selection:

UTMB Score Explained