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UTMB Mont Blanc 2023 Second Chance Selection

UTMB World Series Finals in 2023

UTMB World Series Second Chance Selection

On June 1st 2023, UTMB World Series will announce the elite runners who qualify via second chance selection to the 2023 UTMB World Series Finals (UTMB, CCC and OCC). There will be 100 slots awarded for UTMB, 100 slots for CCC and 100 slots for OCC, equally distributed between men and women.

These slots will be awarded based on the race score achieved in the UTMB World Series Events or UTMB World Series Majors qualifying races of 50K, 100K or 100M within the period of June 1st 2022 to May 31st 2023.

The list below shows the preliminary standings to-date in the current qualifying period. The list will be updated each time a UTMB World Series Event or Major publishes its official results until the end of the qualifying period on May 31st 2023.The current Second Chance Selection list was last updated December 19th.

The list will not be finalized until after the last race in the qualifying period. There will not be any additional roll down if qualified runners do not accept their slot.

Last updated 14 February 2023

Womens 100M Second Chance Rankings

Qualification for the UTMB

Rank Name Event - Race Score
1Luzia BUEHLERWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles769.7
2Emily HAWGOODWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles764.5
3Leah YINGLINGWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles753.1
4Taylor NOWLINWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles743.7
5Camille HERRONWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles740.2
6Katie ASMUTHWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles715.9
7Camille BRUYASWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles713.5
8Anne Marie MADDENWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles710.8
9Aroa SIOWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles687.7
10Emeline OUDETLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail682.1
11Mariya NIKOLOVALavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail680
12Alessandra BOIFAVALavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail674.3
13Allison BACAWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles666.1
14Ellie PELLWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles645.9
15Amber WEIBELWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles632.4
16Hannah MCRAETarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUMMiler629.6
17Brittany PETERSONWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles627.1
18Katarzyna ZYCHLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail626.3
19Dominika STELMACHWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles624.4
20Marta LIPNICKALavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail616.7
21Jenny JOSEFSSONKullamannen by UTMB - Ultra 100 Miles616.4
22Anete SVILPELavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail616
23Amelia WATTSLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail616
24Helene BARRONTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUMMiler613.9
25Anna O'BYRNETarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUMMiler612.2
26Laura BARALELavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail608.3
27Chrissi FABERTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUMMiler607.4
28Kaci LICKTEIGWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles604.5
29Pauline GRARDELLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail603.4
30Lauren HEADLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail602.8
31Konoka AZUMITrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - X-Alpine598.5
32Anna OLSENWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles596
33Katarzyna ORZECHOWSKALavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail595.4
34Erika HOAGLANDWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles591.7
35Anna STAHLKLOOKullamannen by UTMB - Ultra 100 Miles590.3
36Kornelia HORVATHLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail587.4
37Kim Dania SCHIERHORNTrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - X-Alpine587.2
38Federica MENTILavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail585.7
39Dawn TUFFERYTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUMMiler584.8
40Madeleine WENNBERGKullamannen by UTMB - Ultra 100 Miles582.4
41Monika GEORGIEVAUltra-Trail Kosciuszko by UTMB - Kosci Miler582.2
42Guendalina SIBONALavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail581
43Christine TOUSCHTrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - X-Alpine578.5
44Caterina CORTILavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail577.9
45Lindsay HAMILTONTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUMMiler572.7
46Meghan CANFIELDWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles566.8
47Marina PLAVANTrail 100 Andorra by UTMB - Ultra 105K566.8
48Sarah PARKINSTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUMMiler565.3
49Sarah JALIMUltra-Trail Kosciuszko by UTMB - Kosci Miler564.4
50Adriana PLOSNITATrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - X-Alpine563.9

Mens 100M Second Chance Rankings

Qualification for the UTMB

Rank Name Event - Race Score
1Tyler GREENWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles875.4
2Baptiste CHASSAGNELavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail865.4
3Drew HOLMENWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles864.7
4Ludovic POMMERETWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles855
5Mathieu BLANCHARDLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail854.8
6Cristofer CLEMENTETrail 100 Andorra by UTMB - Ultra 105K854.4
7Vincent VIETWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles847.7
8Alex NICHOLSWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles847.6
9Cody LINDWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles846.7
10Jonas RUSSILavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail846.2
11Robert HAJNALLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail842.2
12Scott TRAERWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles841.8
13Sergio PEREYRALavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail838.6
14Moises JIMENEZLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail838.2
15Anthony COSTALESLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail836.6
16Juuso SIMPANENLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail832.1
17Jeffrey COLTWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles828
18Sylvain CAMUSTrail 100 Andorra by UTMB - Ultra 105K826.5
19Sebastien CAMUSTrail 100 Andorra by UTMB - Ultra 105K826.5
20Francesco CUCCOLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail803.3
21Roberto MASTROTTOLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail799.7
22Adam KIMBLEWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles799
23Kyle CURTINWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles794.7
24Louis SCHINDLERTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUMMiler791.2
25Anthony LEEPuerto Vallarta Mexico by UTMB - WIXÁRIKA790.7
26Simon COCHRANETarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUMMiler790
27Scott BOUGENTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUMMiler789.8
28Ugo FERRARITrail du Saint-Jacques by UTMB - Ultra du Saint-Jacques782.5
29Oscar PUYUELOTrail 100 Andorra by UTMB - Ultra 105K782.3
30Pedro BARROSLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail780.1
31Cole WATSONWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles778.4
32Thibaud LE COGUICRestonica Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail di Corsica778.1
33Alberto FERRETTOLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail777.2
34Arnaud LEJEUNELavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail772.1
35Massimo PALADINTrail du Saint-Jacques by UTMB - Ultra du Saint-Jacques770
36Ricardo LUIS TRUJILLOLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail768.7
37Estanislao RIVERO GARCIALavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail768.3
38Gines ARROYOTrail 100 Andorra by UTMB - Ultra 105K767.2
39Petr HENEKLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail765.6
40Gwenael LANGLOISTrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - X-Alpine765.5
41Matthew CREHANLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail764.6
42Kamil DABROWSKINice Côte d’Azur by UTMB - Nice 100M763.8
43Jon LIHTENEGERLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail763.4
44Dennis KALLERTEGKullamannen by UTMB - Ultra 100 Miles759.9
45Quentin DEBARRENice Côte d’Azur by UTMB - Nice 100M759.2
46Doug MOORETarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUMMiler755.1
47Santos Gabriel RUEDALavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail754.7
48Michael DUBOVAWestern States Endurance Run - 100-Miles754.7
49Emanuele LUDOVISILavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Ultra-Trail754.4
50Walid PINCONTrail 100 Andorra by UTMB - Ultra 105K753.9

Womens 100K Second Chance Rankings

Qualification for the CCC

Rank Name Event - Race Score
1Anna MCKENNATarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102727.4
2Fuzhao XIANGTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102724.6
3Naomi BRANDTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102697.4
4Cecilia MATTASUltra-Trail Australia by UTMB - UTA100696.9
5Konoka AZUMITarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102696.1
6Nayeli DE LA TORRETransvulcania by UTMB - Ultramarathon687.1
7Francesca PRETTOLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - UltraDolomites686.8
8Meghann COFFEYUltra-Trail Australia by UTMB - UTA100678.7
9Clara GASSERTrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - X-Traversée678.1
10Federica ZUCCOLLOLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - UltraDolomites676.4
11Courtney BARNESPuerto Vallarta Mexico by UTMB - Hikuri671.4
12Zoe ROMPuerto Vallarta Mexico by UTMB - Hikuri671.1
13Amanda BASHAMTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102669
14Daniela VALGIMIGLILavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - UltraDolomites666.8
15Jessica HARO RAMOSTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102666.1
16Roxanne SHAHTAHMASEBIUltra-Trail Australia by UTMB - UTA100665.3
17Kristina KUCARTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102664.8
18Emma PAGE PATTERSONLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - UltraDolomites663.7
19Caroline MULLERTrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - X-Traversée660.2
20Stephanie AUSTONUltra-Trail Australia by UTMB - UTA100656.7
21Anna PILLINGERUltra-Trail Kosciuszko by UTMB - Kosci 100656.6
22Meagan BROWNTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102656
23Kerstin DUSCHTrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - X-Traversée653.4
24Emily DIXONLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - UltraDolomites649.8
25Nikki EVERTONTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102647.6
26Jelena MALYSEVATransvulcania by UTMB - Ultramarathon646.9
27Anna WINKLEHNERTrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - X-Traversée646.3
28Jo MEEKmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart 100645.8
29Aleksandra NARKOWICZLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - UltraDolomites643.1
30Giulia VINCOLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - UltraDolomites641.1
31Monika LUDRIKSUltra-Trail Australia by UTMB - UTA100640.4
32Diana BALLETLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - UltraDolomites639.7
33Brooke THOMASTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102639.6
34Zsofia VINCZEmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart Ultra636.5
35Lea DUHETTransvulcania by UTMB - Ultramarathon632.2
36Courtney PRATTTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102631.7
37Barbora CICHALavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - UltraDolomites630.9
38Cornelia OSWALDmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart 100627.1
39Sarah OSTASZEWSKITarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102626.9
40Ellie COOKSONWildstrubel by UTMB - Wild 108625.6
41Delilah CARDENPuerto Vallarta Mexico by UTMB - Hikuri623.8
42Shannon-Leigh LITTTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102623.3
43Barbara GRABALALavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - UltraDolomites623
44Tess ELIASTransvulcania by UTMB - Ultramarathon621.1
45Karola RENNHACKLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - UltraDolomites619.8
46Fuzhao XIANGEiger Ultra-Trail by UTMB - E101 Ultra-Trail619.6
47Viviana KIRILOVALavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - UltraDolomites619.3
48Sophie BROOMETarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102618.9
49Shari WILKENEiger Ultra-Trail by UTMB - E101 Ultra-Trail618.4
50Esther O'SULLIVANTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102617.9

Mens 100K Second Chance Rankings

Qualification for the CCC

Rank Name Event - Race Score
1Martin HALASZEiger Ultra-Trail by UTMB - E101 Ultra-Trail863.9
2Mathieu CLEMENTmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart 100850.7
3Isaac SALVATmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart 100847.7
4Tristan BLANCHARDWildstrubel by UTMB - Wild 108842.6
5Sam MCCUTCHEONTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102842.5
6Urs JENZERWildstrubel by UTMB - Wild 108840
7Kamil LESNIAKmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart 100832.8
8Peter VAN DER ZONmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart 100831
9Rhett GIBSONTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102830
10Joaquin LOPEZTransvulcania by UTMB - Ultramarathon828
11Alexander HUTTERmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart 100825.8
12Mike CARROLLUltra-Trail Australia by UTMB - UTA100818.2
13Dominic BULLOCKUltra-Trail Australia by UTMB - UTA100814.7
14Josef MCGRATHUltra-Trail Australia by UTMB - UTA100811.8
15Omar EZACRITITransvulcania by UTMB - Ultramarathon810
16Morgan LINDQVISTUltra-Trail Australia by UTMB - UTA100807.6
17Michael DIMUANTESUltra-Trail Kosciuszko by UTMB - Kosci 100806.1
18Dion FINOCCHIAROUltra-Trail Kosciuszko by UTMB - Kosci 100806
19Jiaju ZHAOEiger Ultra-Trail by UTMB - E101 Ultra-Trail804.9
20Jean Gregoire LUISIERWildstrubel by UTMB - Wild 108803.8
21Canhua LUOEiger Ultra-Trail by UTMB - E101 Ultra-Trail802.2
22Rob FORBESmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart 100800.7
23Michal LESNIAKmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart Ultra799.6
24Michael VOSSTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102799.5
25Matthew HEALYmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart 100798.7
26Thibault LEROYTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM102798.6
27Jean Baptiste LALARTTransvulcania by UTMB - Ultramarathon796.9
28Mark HOLLINGSWORTHUltra-Trail Kosciuszko by UTMB - Kosci 100792.8
29Andrew DEYUltra-Trail Australia by UTMB - UTA100792.7
30Remi BERCHETRestonica Trail by UTMB - Restonica Trail792
31Clement MUGNIERRestonica Trail by UTMB - Restonica Trail792
32Guillaume PERETTIRestonica Trail by UTMB - Restonica Trail791.8
33Riccardo MONTANIEiger Ultra-Trail by UTMB - E101 Ultra-Trail790.2
34Juan Jose LARROTCHAmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart 100788.6
35Jesus Javier ORTEGATransvulcania by UTMB - Ultramarathon788.6
36Alexandre URBINAmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart 100788.1
37Kevin ROUXmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart 100788.1
38Manuel Alexis MARTIN LORENZOTransvulcania by UTMB - Ultramarathon787.6
39Arnaud REYTrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - X-Traversée786.4
40Josef MCGRATHUltra-Trail Kosciuszko by UTMB - Kosci 100786.3
41Matthias KRAHWildstrubel by UTMB - Wild 108783.8
42Jason SCHLARBEiger Ultra-Trail by UTMB - E101 Ultra-Trail783.6
43Carlo SALVETTImozart 100 by UTMB - mozart 100782.9
44Juan BELMAN ORTIZPuerto Vallarta Mexico by UTMB - Hikuri782.8
45Mads LOURINGEiger Ultra-Trail by UTMB - E101 Ultra-Trail781.7
46Louis VANNUCCIRestonica Trail by UTMB - Restonica Trail780.5
47Alex Xavier LOZANO ESPINOSAPuerto Vallarta Mexico by UTMB - Hikuri779.8
48Jean Jacques MEYRONEINCTrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - X-Traversée779.7
49Raphael KAMPFEiger Ultra-Trail by UTMB - E101 Ultra-Trail778.7
50Steve BUCHANANUltra-Trail Australia by UTMB - UTA100777.7

Womens 50K Second Chance Rankings

Qualification for the OCC

Rank Name Event - Race Score
1Renee CARDINAALSTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM50737.3
2Lena GLASBRENNEREiger Ultra-Trail by UTMB - E51 Panorama Trail694.7
3Amelia LYTHETarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM50690
4Marion DELESPIERRETarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM50689.7
5Alexandrine MANTRANDNice Côte d’Azur by UTMB - Nice 50K684.4
6Johanna GELFGRENLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Cortina Trail681.7
7Nicol GUIDOLINLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Cortina Trail680.1
8My SVENSSONmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart Marathon679.9
9Mary BAUGHMANSpeedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB - 50K673.9
10Maija ORAVAMAKILavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Cortina Trail673
11Scarlet DALENice Côte d’Azur by UTMB - Nice 50K671.5
12Lauren COURYSpeedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB - 50K670.4
13Emmiliese VON AVISSpeedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB - 50K669.8
14Sophia VELICERTrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - Verbier Marathon 4000667.4
15Celia BALCELLS SERRATransvulcania by UTMB - Marathon665.3
16Debbie GREIGmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart Marathon663.3
17Kodi KLEVENSpeedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB - 50K661.8
18Hana HOLOUBKOVALavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Cortina Trail660.5
19Anna SEEBACHERmozart 100 by UTMB - mozart Marathon658.1
20Phillipa MEOTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM50657.7
21Lara DROZTrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - Verbier Marathon 4000653.5
22Erika FLOWERSSpeedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB - 50K652.8
23Marjorie THOMASRestonica Trail by UTMB - Tavignanu Trail650.5
24Emmanuelle MORACCHINIRestonica Trail by UTMB - Tavignanu Trail650.3
25Natalie SANDOVALSpeedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB - 50K647.9
26Genevieve HARRISONSpeedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB - 50K645.3
27Ellen BRADLEYUltra-Trail Kosciuszko by UTMB - Kosci 50642.9
28Karola RENNHACKWildstrubel by UTMB - Wild 50642.8
29Soumaya AOUADWildstrubel by UTMB - Wild 50642.2
30Audrey NGUYENWildstrubel by UTMB - Wild 50641.7
31Greta TRUSCOTTTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM50640.2
32Tiffany TROILLETTrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - Verbier Marathon 4000639.7
33Elisabetta GALLOLavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Cortina Trail639
34Anna WINKLEHNERWildstrubel by UTMB - Wild 50638.7
35Jekaterina GALLAMOVANice Côte d’Azur by UTMB - Nice 50K637.7
36Shea AQUILANOSpeedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB - 50K637.6
37Gaelle LORIDATRestonica Trail by UTMB - Tavignanu Trail637.5
38Melanie TOISOULTransvulcania by UTMB - Marathon636.2
39Esther KENDALLNice Côte d’Azur by UTMB - Nice 50K636.1
40Amelia KERRUltra-Trail Kosciuszko by UTMB - Kosci 50635.8
41Claudia MOLATransvulcania by UTMB - Marathon635.7
42Nathalie OGIERWildstrubel by UTMB - Wild 50635
43Tania MULVEYUltra-Trail Kosciuszko by UTMB - Kosci 50632.7
44Aurelie DE BREMOYNice Côte d’Azur by UTMB - Nice 50K632.7
45Noemi GUZMANPuerto Vallarta Mexico by UTMB - Nawakè632.5
46Natalie PERSSONKullamannen by UTMB - Sibirien Ultra 50KM631.5
47Georgina BEECHUltra-Trail Australia by UTMB - UTA50631.2
48Sandra YAGUETransvulcania by UTMB - Marathon631.1
49Elodie ROBERTEiger Ultra-Trail by UTMB - E51 Panorama Trail630.8
50Thea AARRESTADWildstrubel by UTMB - Wild 50628.8

Mens 50K Second Chance Rankings

Qualification for the OCC

Rank Name Event - Race Score
1Werner MARTITransvulcania by UTMB - Marathon867.1
2Matt BELUSSpeedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB - 50K849.2
3Valentin BENARDTrail 100 Andorra by UTMB - Trail 50K848.8
4Zachary GARNERSpeedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB - 50K839.7
5Garrett CORCORANSpeedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB - 50K834.7
6Andres GARCIA BLANCOTransvulcania by UTMB - Marathon832.8
7Stian DAHL SOMMERSETHNice Côte d’Azur by UTMB - Nice 50K830.8
8Paul LENOIRNice Côte d’Azur by UTMB - Nice 50K829.5
9Yann ALARCONNice Côte d’Azur by UTMB - Nice 50K828.6
10Raphael SPRENGEREiger Ultra-Trail by UTMB - E51 Panorama Trail827.6
11Andres VIEDMA MUNOZTransvulcania by UTMB - Marathon827.5
12Mauro RASOMNice Côte d’Azur by UTMB - Nice 50K827.4
13Diego ANGELLALavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Cortina Trail824.2
14Giacomo FORCONILavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Cortina Trail822.6
15Alvaro ESCUELATransvulcania by UTMB - Marathon819.1
16Brian WHITFIELDSpeedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB - 50K813.2
17Jean Christophe PLAYTrail du Saint-Jacques by UTMB - Maratrail du Saint-Jacques811.4
18Oswaldo MEDINATransvulcania by UTMB - Marathon811.1
19Borsteinn JOHANNSSONNice Côte d’Azur by UTMB - Nice 50K810.4
20Jerome FUREREiger Ultra-Trail by UTMB - E51 Panorama Trail810.2
21Snorri BJORNSSONNice Côte d’Azur by UTMB - Nice 50K807.9
22Andrew GATENBYUltra-Trail Australia by UTMB - UTA50806
23Jerome VANDERSCHAEGHETrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - Verbier Marathon 4000805.9
24Adam LOOMISSpeedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB - 50K804.3
25Benjamin KERVEVANNice Côte d’Azur by UTMB - Nice 50K803.2
26Romaric PELLOUX TYTGATNice Côte d’Azur by UTMB - Nice 50K802.1
27ALBERTO LAUCIRICA GARCIATransvulcania by UTMB - Marathon800
28Caleb OLSONSpeedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB - 50K799.8
29Davide DELLA MINALavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Cortina Trail797.8
30Thomas BANKSUltra-Trail Australia by UTMB - UTA50796.7
31Jonathan JACKSONTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM50795.6
32Anthony COSTANice Côte d’Azur by UTMB - Nice 50K794.8
33Ben GATTINGTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM50794.5
34Erik GIANOLALavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Cortina Trail792.8
35Gerald MACPHERSONTarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM50791.8
36Jimmy PANOZZOTransvulcania by UTMB - Marathon791.7
37Massimo FARCOZTransvulcania by UTMB - Marathon791.5
38Alexandre VIOLLELavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Cortina Trail791.1
39Geoffroy BONNETTrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - Verbier Marathon 4000790.8
40Sage CANADAYTrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - Verbier Marathon 4000790.8
41Daniel CASTILLOTransvulcania by UTMB - Marathon790.3
42Morgan ELLIOTTSpeedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB - 50K789.4
43Nuno MARQUESEiger Ultra-Trail by UTMB - E51 Panorama Trail788.3
44David KILGORETarawera Ultramarathon By UTMB - TUM50787
45Joel DUMASWildstrubel by UTMB - Wild 50786.7
46Samuel DAVILALavaredo Ultra-Trail by UTMB - Cortina Trail783.5
47Greg MIESCHERTrail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB - Verbier Marathon 4000780.1
48Simone BERTINIWildstrubel by UTMB - Wild 50778.2
49Ivan ZUMBUHLEiger Ultra-Trail by UTMB - E51 Panorama Trail778
50Joey DEFEOSpeedgoat Mountain Races by UTMB - 50K777.8