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9th May 2023

Thousands discover La Palma at Transvulcania by UTMB, as 12,600 runners now prepare for a UTMB World Series triple-event weekend in Argentina, Wales and Australia

Incredible trail races at Transvulcania by UTMB last weekend with podiums for Dakota Jones and Martina Valmassoi on the Ultramarathon

One of Argentina’s toughest trail races, Valhöll Argentina by UTMB, to make it’s UTMB World Series debut.

In Wales, Ultra-Trail Snowdonia by UTMB is ready for an incredible fifth edition with 64 nationalities taking part.

The largest trail running event in the southern hemisphere, Ultra-Trail Australia by UTMB, promises some of the most beautiful panoramic views and awe-inspiring races.

Eleven years on, Dakota Jones retakes the Ultramarathon title at Transvulcania La Palma by UTMB with Martina Valmassoi also victorious after a dominating descent

The 13th edition of Transvulcania La Palma by UTMB® took place this weekend and proved a magical day for Dakota Jones (USA – UTMB Index 905) in the Ultramarathon as he took the tape once again after first winning in La Palma in 2012 aged 21 years old. 2022 TDS winner, Martina Valmassoi (ITA – UTMB Index 733) also came out victorious in a hard-fought women’s race, while all finishers were rewarded Running Stones for their epic efforts.

Winning the challenging 72km course in a time of 07:02:16, Jones said: “What an amazing day! My race strategy is always to go 5% or 10% harder than I know I am capable of and see if I can hang on. My goodness it took everything I had, and it was a serious mental effort from start to finish but today it worked out.

The views of the island and the full moon, the volcano, and the ocean and so many other things were incredible today. I kept thinking about how much this island has suffered from the volcano recently and it made me want to work harder. They all seem to know me here and it means a lot.

The North American winner was joined on the podium in Los Llanos de Aridane by Damien Humbert (FRA – UTMB Index 907). Andreas Reiterer (ITA – UTMB Index 913) completed the podium in 07:17:26.

UTMB Mont-Blanc TDS 2022 winner, Martina Valmassoi (ITA) made her move late on after Edyta Lewandowska (POL – UTMB Index 700) had led for most of the race. The Italian runner dominated the descent from the highest point on the island at Roque de Los Muchachos (2,426m) and into the beautiful finish line at Los Llanos de Aridane where she commanded a 12-minute gap on second-placed Lewandowska, crossing the line in 09:09:13.

Valmassoi said, “ Sometimes I can be my own worst enemy as I ask a lot of myself and end up unsatisfied if I fail. Today I decided I was going to be my biggest fan instead and believed in myself from the start and never stopped giving my real best until the end. Believe in yourself, it can be your biggest strength!

Meg Mackenzie (ZAF – UTMB Index 716) rounded out a strong podium, embracing winner and good friend Valmassoi at the finish line. The top three male and female runners in the Ultramarathon have all guaranteed their place on the start line of the CCC race at the UTMB World Series Finals.

In the 48km ‘Volcanoes’ race – and gaining direct access to the OCC race at the UTMB World Series Finals - Dimas Pereira Obaya (ESP – UTMB Index 867) took the tape in 04:20:28, after also winning the half-marathon distance here in 2022. Andre Rodrigues (POR – UTMB Index 882) finished in second with Yoel de Paz (ESP – UTMB Index 893) in third who also proved to be the fan favorite on the island having won the distance in 2022 and coming from La Palma itself.

In the Women’s race, Toni McCann (ZAF – UTMB Index 749) took the win while securing 6th place overall in the process. Teammate, Emilia Brangefält (SWE – UTMB Index 726) finished second after finishing less than one minute ahead of Julia Font Gomez (ESP – UTMB Index 738) in a close-fought battle.

The 28km, ‘El Roque’ may be the shorter distance but is no less challenging as runners start from El Roque de Los Muchachos at over 2,000m above sea level. One of the highest starts in the world, runners faced cold and tricky conditions at the starting gates before running towards the heat of Tazacorte, with the stark difference in temperature adding to the challenge.

Josep Miret (ESP – UTMB Index 813) faced up to the challenge and went one better than last year, finishing first in a time of 02:08:03. It was a close race for second and third with Borja Fernandez (ESP – UTMB Index 879) crossing the line in 02:11:35, followed by Eloy Ramoz Hernández (ESP – UTMB Index 696) in 02:12:40 to make it an all-Spanish podium.

In the women’s race, Leire Fernández Abete (ESP – UTMB Index 651) successfully defended her title, while also winning the Vertical Challenge. She was joined by Marta Pérez Maroto (ESP – UTMB Index 634) and Andrea Rico (ESP – UTMB Index 711) in second and third respectively.

While Transvulcania La Palma by UTMB attracts elites from across the world, it also helps pave the way for younger runners to enter the sport and experience a world-class event. The El Roque Promesas presents a 28km challenge for 16–19-year-olds, while various shorter distances for young enthusiasts provide a great first taste of the trails. Full results for Transvulcania La Palma by UTMB are available here.

Next up on the UTMB World Series calendar is an exciting triple-header weekend from the 12-14 May as over 12,600 runners head to one of three incredible events in Australia, Wales or Argentina.

UTMB World Series heads to South America for Valhöll Argentina by UTMB

Over the 12-14 May, the mountain village of Villa General Belgrano in the heart of central Argentina will welcome runners to Valhöll Argentina by UTMB®. Now in its fourth edition, it is the country’s fastest growing trail running event, and with good reason, as runners will discover the unique culture, wild nature, and its demanding technical terrain. With six distances on offer – Epic 125km, Advance 80km, Challenge 50km, Courage 33km, Power 22km and Explore 11km - the route names speak for themselves as runners tackle ‘steep ascents and dizzying descents.’ As one of the provinces natural wonders, Champaquí Mountain stands out as one of the highlights as runners reach heights of 2,770m and its accompanying panoramic views stretching across valleys, waterfalls, granite formations and forests.

Valhöll Argentina by UTMB is more than a race and is characterized by its cultural diversity, the warmth of our people and being one of the toughest races with its technical demands. It will be the most epic race in Argentina! ” said Race Director, Gonzalo Castillo.

Hometown favourite, Sergio Gustavo Pereyra (ARG – UTMB Index 709) will tackle the Epic 125km. Having finished 3rd in Val d’Aran by UTMB® (55km) and 19th at the UTMB® Mont-Blanc CCC race in 2022, he could have what it takes to take the tape in Villa General Belgrano. With Spanish counterpart, Miguel Heras (UTMB Index 905) also boasting a string of legendary results, including a 2nd place in the 100km Transvulcania by UTMB® 2022, it could prove to be a close battle at the top.

Having finished 6th at UTMB Mont-Blanc 2022, Emily Hawgood (ZWE – UTMB Index 740) heads into the 80km race as one of the favourites. She will face Argentinian runner, Ayelen Sian (UTMB Index 543) who will be looking to use her knowledge of the trails to her advantage. Having finished 3rd in the 100km in 2022 and 4th in the 50km in 2021, the teacher-by-trade certainly has experience on the technical course in Argentina.
Live tracking is available on this link.

Record-breaking year for Ultra-Trail Snowdonia by UTMB

From the warmth of Argentina to the cooler late-Spring temperatures of the United Kingdom, UTMB World Series heads to the challenging mountainous wilderness of north Wales for Ultra-Trail™ Snowdonia by UTMB®. With more than 2,850 runners entered from 64 nationalities, it will be a record-breaking year for the event as it heads into its fifth edition.

Race Director, Michael Jones has seen the race grow from its humble beginnings in 2018 to the UK's biggest ultra in 2023. He said, “ From its grassroots beginnings and the inaugural event, Ultra-Trail Snowdonia has come a long way. This year, we look forward to welcoming runners to our host venue at the National Slate Museum in Llanberis to experience the unique Welsh culture and mythical landscapes of Eryri and Snowdonia.

The event’s tagline, “Beautiful beyond belief; savage beyond reason” is sure to live up to its name once again, with the 100-miler covering almost 10,000m of ascent as part of the ultimate grand-tour of Snowdonia. With three other distances on offer from 100km to 25km, each runner will uncover stunning trails, technical ridges, and epic views.

British runner, Mark Darbyshire (UTMB Index 829) is back for more and heads into the 100-mile race as one of the favourites having won the 100km event in 2021 and finishing second in the shortened 165km route in 2022. He will face a star-studded international competition, including Istria 100™ by UTMB® 2022 winner, Peter Van Der Zon (NED – UTMB Index 832), Josh Wade (GBR – UTMB Index 855) and Grégoire Crumer (FRA – UTMB Index 859).

A strong British-contingent continues throughout each of the distances, with Kirsteen Welch (GBR – UTMB Index 702) back to defend her title in the 50km race. Tom Evans (GBR – UTMB Index 540) will be the one to watch, having finished 3rd at UTMB 2022. He looks forward to taking on the shorter distance on British soil in the lead up to Western States® 100-Mile Endurance Run in June.
Live tracking is available on this link.

World’s second-largest trail running event, Ultra-Trail Australia by UTMB celebrates 15th edition

The largest trail running event in the Southern Hemisphere and second largest globally returns on 12-14 May as the idyllic town of Katoomba in the heart of the stunning Blue Mountains sets the stage for the 15th edition of Ultra-Trail™ Australia by UTMB®.

Promising some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring kilometres, runners will take on various course options from 100km to 11km, plus a 1km trail run for kids which adds to the inclusive community and festival-feel of the event. Race Director, Nick Christopher said: “ This is an event that means so much to so many people, and who have watched it grow from 157 runners in 2008 to the thousands of athletes, supporters, and spectators we have seen in recent years and will welcome once again in 2023. With this being a landmark year for the event, we are bringing back many elements our athletes know and love.

From the Golden Stairs to Wenthworth Falls and the famous Furber Steps into the finish line, the course is a trail runners paradise as they discover the World Heritage Listed site and the spectacular natural landscape, all while following in the footsteps of the Gundungurra ancestors who traversed these lands for hundreds of years.

Amateur runner, David Austin (AUS – UTMB Index 411) will also be celebrating the 15th edition. As the only person to have run every edition of the 100km race since its creation, this event holds a unique place in his heart. He said, “ Watching Ultra-Trail Australia by UTMB grow from around 160 entrants in the first year to 7,000 today is special. With the event now being part of UTMB World Series, it has received more recognition worldwide which has attracted many world class runners which is just fantastic ”.

When asked about his goals for his fifteenth time on the course, Austin said, “ My goals have been the same from the start with the most important one being to finish. I also aim to have fun and enjoy it, and I suppose lastly you always strive for a personal best although as you get older that becomes a little harder. Another aim is to keep going and keep turning up for this event until I no longer can so hopefully my health and fitness hold out for many years to come.

Live tracking is available on this link.

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