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9th May 2022

Charity Bibs

Run with Purpose: UTMB World Series is making Charity Bibs available in Support of Ukraine


At UTMB® World Series, we believe that sport is a force for good, and the UTMB® brand connects people all over the world through shared values of solidarity, inclusion, and fairness. Considering the ongoing situation in Ukraine caused by the unprovoked Russian invasion, the UTMB® World Series, and the events under UTMB® brand, are committed to supporting our friends in Ukraine during this period.

In light of this, we’re releasing charity bibs* for over 15 UTMB World Series Events to aid causes that directly support the Ukrainian people. We've chosen to work with the Red Cross and UNHCR, two well-known organizations that carry out incredible humanitarian work in emergency situations, and the GivenGain Foundation, a non-profit online fundraising platform that helps event participants to support the charities they care about.

By committing to raise a minimum donation for UNHCR or the Red Cross on GivenGain, you’ll be able to secure your place, on a first-come, first-served basis, at the UTMB World Series trail running event you wish, even if it’s sold out. But you will have to act quickly as the charity bibs are available in limited quantities depending on the Event:

- Nice Côte d'Azur by UTMB® | Event | GivenGain - unlimited

To start your fundraising project and claim your charity bib:

  1. Choose your Event from the list above

  2. Click on the ‘Start fundraising’ button on the desired UTMB World Series Event

  3. Select what charity you would like to support.** When prompted, agree to the minimum fundraising amount. To find out more about how minimum fundraising agreements work, read GivenGain's FAQ.

  4. Complete the project steps where needed, adding a video/image, target etc. - then make it live!

  5. Share your fundraising project link with friends, family and colleagues via e-mail and social media, asking them for donations.

  6. You will receive a link to register from the race organizers, where you'll be able to pay the registration fee for your race.

  7. Run your Race and make an impact in the life of another.


Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you have about online fundraising by contacting

*Please note that there is a limited number of charity bibs. These bibs will go to the first people committing to raising the minimum amount for the Event for either the Red Cross or the UNHCR on GivenGain by 28 September 2022. Read GivenGain's FAQ about fundraising minimums.

** If you would like to fundraise for your national branch of UNHCR or Red Cross and this one is not listed, send an email to and GivenGain will get them set up for free so that you can fundraise for them as part of your race.