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19th December 2022

UTMB World Series 2022: 56,097 runners, 103,315 Running Stones awarded, thousands of shared memories

UTMB World Series 2022: 56,097 runners, 103,315 Running Stones awarded, thousands of shared memories The hugely successful inaugural Ultra-Trail Kosciuszko by UTMB comes at the end of a superb year, and marks the conclusion of the first ever season of the UTMB World Series.

This saw 25 unique and challenging international trail running events staged throughout the year across Europe, Asia, Oceania and North America that tested, thrilled, and charmed both local and international runners alike. These multi-distance events, organized to UTMB standards, attracted thousands of ordinary runners - men and women, adults and youngsters - and also featured the very best competitors ranked in the elite category in the UTMB Index. UTMB Group Chairwoman and Co-Founder, Catherine Poletti, says she is delighted with the way the UTMB World Series has captured the imagination of trail runners all over the globe.

“We have been so proud to welcome so many runners from around the world to the first ever UTMB World Series this year,” she said. “Over 56,000 runners took part in our events, and we are thrilled to have shared so many different and new experiences. We are also happy to have been able to work hand-in-hand with the local teams to offer authentic events that respect different cultures and territories.”

Poletti added that the aim of the UTMB World Series is to give every competitor the chance to live and experience the best trail running experiences and events in the world. “After one year, we are on our way to achieving that, and the UTMB World Series is becoming the leading trail running circuit,” she said.

“We can't wait to welcome even more runners in 2023, with new events in the USA, Africa, South America, Asia and Europe that will allow runners to experience UTMB with their friends and what it means closer to home, or on the other side of the world,” she added.

Throughout the year, finishers have collected Running Stones to help them secure a place at the iconic UTMB World Series Finals in Chamonix, the peak event in the trail running calendar. Poletti says it has been fantastic to see people secure their places at UTMB Mont-Blanc in this way.

“It has been a great joy and source of pride to see people motivate themselves to reach the UTMB World Series Finals by collecting Running Stones,” she said. “And I want to thank the entire trail running community for joining us on this exciting journey.”

In addition to the new events introduced, the 2022 season has seen UTMB build its international following and global community with the launch of a new digital platform, including a brand new OTT platform - - which has already attracted more than 22 million video views and more than one million hours watched.

UTMB has expanded its presence on social media, helping to bring people together around unique and often extraordinary content from its events. And the company has also launched a new UTMB Store - - where athletes can purchase a wide range of UTMB-branded running gear.

Meanwhile, as Poletti noted, next year will be even bigger, with more events offering runners an even wider choice of spectacular locations at which to enjoy a sport, that immerses people in the natural world like few others.

UTMB World Series 2022