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12th November 2023

Epic sprint finishes and technical trails in Mexico and Sweden, before UTMB World Series heads to Hong Kong for 10th anniversary edition of TransLantau by UTMB

Puerto Vallarta by UTMB 100M victories for Cristofer Clemente Mora (ESP) and Geneviève Asselin-Demers (CAN).  

Juan Belman Ortiz (MEX) outsprints David Norris (USA) by 3 seconds in an exhilarating Puerto Vallarta by UTMB 50K finale. 

Jakob Äberg (SWE) takes the tape at Kullamannen by UTMB 100M while 2022 champion, Alexandre Boucheix (FRA) battles to the finish line in second despite injuries.  

Johanna Antila (FIN) secures her first UTMB World Series win as part of her first 100M race at Kullamannen by UTMB.

Brand new 140km course makes its debut at 10th anniversary edition of TransLantau by UTMB next weekend.  

From the mountains to the ocean via the jungle, Cristofer Clemente Mora (ESP) and Geneviève Asselin-Demers (CAN) victorious at Puerto Vallarta by UTMB

Runners battled the heat and technical trails of Mexico’s stunning Pacific west coast this weekend, as part of Puerto Vallarta by UTMB®. Conquering Sierra Madre Occidental - Mexico’s largest mountain range - Cristofer Clemente Mora (ESP, UTMB Index 862) and Geneviève Asselin-Demers (CAN, UTMB Index 679) were first to wind their way to the 100K finish line at Puerto Vallarta’s picturesque boardwalk.  

Heading up the international podium in the men’s Race, Clemente Mora was joined by Tracen Knopp (USA, UTMB Index 809) and Remigio Huaman (PER, UTMB Index 838) in second and third; all ecstatic to have successfully punched their ticket to the 2024 UTMB® World Series Finals.  

That was one of the hardest things I have ever done. If you like technical terrain and live in a hot place, then you must come here. It is a great experience to run through places you wouldn’t get to know any other way,” said Knopp.  

Peruvian runner, Huaman loved taking part in the UTMB® World Series event, adding; “_As a runner from Latin America, it is very challenging to go run in Europe or another continent. If it is close by, at home, then most of us can participate and earn Running Stones or even secure a direct entry. We are very grateful to UTMB for expanding and I believe that events like this can ensure that an increasing number of Latin American runners can participate in competitions of this kind and level._”  

Canadian runner, Geneviève Asselin-Demers had the race of her life to take her first UTMB World Series victory in the Women’s race, also securing 7th overall. Lisa Jane Roberts (USA) and Maya von Wodtke (USA, UTMB Index 603) rounded out the podium.  

I have raced in Mexico before, and every time I come here to race, the country just opens its cities, culture, and heart to us. I can’t thank them enough for being the best hosts,” commented Roberts.  

The 50K race came down to an incredible sprint finish, with Juan Belman Ortiz (MEX, UTMB Index 840) closing in on David Norris (USA, UTMB Index 759) before beating him by just three seconds to take first place. Mario Mendoza (USA, UTMB Index 839) crossed the line in third.  From Alaska, Norris had been skiing in the week before the race and tried to manage the Mexican heat as best he could. He said,“I put it all out there and I was totally suffering in the last 15km with cramps and just trying to hold onto the lead. I was told second place was seven-minutes back with 3km to go and maybe he was at the time as I was really struggling into the finish, but I had no idea he was that close!”  Despite just missing out on the top spot, Norris added, _“This course is awesome and probably the most rugged race I have ever done. It is phenomenal and so cool!” _

In the Women’s race, Caitlin Schindel (CAN, UTMB Index 682) managed to take a commanding lead, despite also suffering in the heat. Klaire Rhodes (USA, UTMB Index 707) and Nayeli De La Torre (MEX, UTMB Index 665) crossed the line in second and third.  When asked about her strategy for the race, Schindel said, “Ice, ice, ice – everywhere! When I left Canada, it was minus one, so the temperature difference here is truly challenging. But for anyone thinking of racing here next year then they should, the scenery is breath-taking, and the viewpoints are spectacular”. 

With two 20K races on offer, the longer 33km distance saw Jeff Rosas (MEX, UTMB Index 791) take the victory on home soil ahead of Salvador Martínez Payan (MEX, UTMB Index 631) and Jhoan Sebastian Rivera Alape (COL, UTMB Index 790) in the men’s race while it was an all-Mexican podium in the Women’s race with Sabrina White (MEX), establishing a comfortable lead ahead of Mariela Silva (MEX, UTMB Index 509) and Lorena De Luna Saucedo (MEX, UTMB Index 432).  

The Mexican success continued in the shorter 22km distance, after an incredible battle saw Jose Luis Castel Ceja (MEX, UTMB Index 681) clinch the victory ahead of Alan Carzolio (MEX) by just 14 seconds. Ricardo Mejia Hernandez (MEX, UTMB Index 343) rounded out the all-Mexican podium in third.  

In the women’s race, it was another Canadian victory with Daniele Riendeau (CAN) storming into the finish line at the Pacific boardwalk ahead of Diana Darinka Zárate Díaz (MEX) and Paola Segura (MEX).  

Full results can be found here. 

Jakob Äberg (SWE) and Johanna Antila (FIN) conquer mythical Kullamannen by UTMB under watchful eye of the immortal knight

The rocky shores of Sweden’s Kullaberg hosted the legendary Kullamannen by UTMB over 4-5 November, with over 2,000 runners taking on the legend and lord of the mountain: the immortal knight. 

Jakob Aberg (SWE, UTMB Index 760) was fastest across the 100M course, ticking off the wild coastline, technical single track and rocky mountains before taking the tape at the finish line in Båstad, dipping just under the 15-hour mark in the process. He was joined on the podium by last year’s champion, Alexandre Boucheix (FRA, UTMB Index 835), who suffered with an injury for a large portion of the race. William Englund (SWE, UTMB Index 787) rounded out the podium in third.  

In the women’s race, Johanna Antila (FIN, UTMB Index 748) stormed to victory, establishing over an hour’s buffer on Emelie Eklöf (SWE, UTMB Index 560) and Johanna Bygdell (SWE, UTMB Index 688) in second and third."_ I don’t have the words, it feels awesome! It was my dream and on my bucket list for this year to run 100 miles and to also win a UTMB World Series race and now I have done both. This year has been so difficult for me with injuries, so I am very happy to win today,_” said Antila, who also finished 8th overall in the process.  She added; “_My friend told me that I must think positive things about Kullamannen and that he will give me some power. I felt like the Kullamannen was my friend and I somehow got power from that._”

In the Sprint Ultra 100K, it was a close battle all the way to the finish line, with Oscar Claesson (SWE, UTMB Index 884) taking a slim lead of 1 minute and 30 seconds ahead of Simen Østensen (NOR, UTMB Index 780) after battling throughout the night. Didrik Hermansen (NOR, UTMB Index 858) crossed the line in third.  Relatively new to trail racing and the ultra-distance races, cross-country skier Østensen said, “Oscar was the strongest guy out there today and I am really satisfied with my second place. It is fun to do some running alongside my cross-country skiing, but this race was the hardest thing I have ever done.”  

In the women’s race, Sylvia Nordskar (NOR, UTMB Index 744) took a commanding win after a strong first-half of the race, which also earned her 8th place overall. She was joined by Malin Barrulf (SWE, UTMB Index 705) who overtook Julia Davis (GBR, UTMB Index 688) in the latter part of the race to move up a spot on the podium.  Successfully completing her first 100K race, third-placed Davis said, “_This feels incredible, I am so stoked! It feels like a dream to complete my first 100km. I have never been here before, but I live in Cornwall, England and it felt a little like home away from home with the trails and the coast._”  

The 50K ‘Seventh Seal’ race saw runners discover the Sinarpsadalen valley and the wild coastline. It was a close battle in the men’s race, with the top 5 runners all finishing with 2 minutes of each other. Stian Dahl Sommerseth (NOR, UTMB Index 852), Andreu Simon Aymerich (ESP, UTMB Index 903) and James Tilley (GBR, UTMB Index 794) were the first three across the line to clinch the podium spots.  

In the women’s race, Yngvild Kaspersen (NOR, UTMB Index 789) took the win ahead of Judith Wyder (SUI, UTMB Index 789) and Ida Amelie Robsahm (NOR, UTMB Index 693). Judith kept the pressure on throughout the race, adding, “_This was a great end to a great season. I did this race as I was looking to qualify for Dacia UTMB Mont-Blanc OCC so it was hard work but a perfect end and now, I can relax._”  

With a course steeped in history, it was an all-Swedish podium in the men’s 20K race. Sebastian Ljungdahl (SWE, UTMB Index 876) took the victory, followed by Albin Gezelius (SWE, UTMB Index 744) and Linus Wedin (SWE, UTMB Index 653). Amanda Nilsson (SWE, UTMB Index 627) and Tilde Jensen (SWE, UTMB Index 586) continued the Swedish podium in the women’s race, with Pia Michelle Elgaard Folsing (DEN, UTMB Index 592) taking the third spot. 

Full results can be found here

Runners prepare to take on brand-new queen stage at 10th edition of TransLantau by UTMB

Over 2,000 runners from 50 countries head to Hong Kong’s largest and wildest island on 10-12 November as part of TransLantau by UTMB®. Celebrating its tenth anniversary, the event will also welcome the inaugural 140km distance; a brand-new and challenging addition to the events 100K, 50K and 20K offering.  

TransLantau by UTMB Race Director and Co-Founder, Clement Dumount looks forward to welcoming runners to the beautiful island that lies at the mouth of the Pearl River. “_We take pride in seeing this locally developed event make its mark on the UTMB® World Series and are thrilled to receive runners from all over the world and let them discover the unique environment of Hong Kong._”  

From the religious Big Buddha statue and Po Lin Monastery to the quaint Tai O Fishing village and the scenic but demanding Lantau Peak, the race is as stunning as it is challenging and has attracted a stellar field of elite runners from around the world.  

In the Men Elite field, Julian Chorier (FRA, UTMB Index 812) and Thomas Joly (GBR, UTMB Index 856) are amongst the international runners looking to challenge for a top spot, while Jiaju Zhao (CHN, UTMB Index 884), Ji Duo (CHN, UTMB Index 858) and Yangiao Yun (CHN, UTMB Index 843) will prove difficult to beat over the 140km distance.  

In the Women Elite field, Fuzhao Xiang (CHN, UTMB Index 761) looks to be one of the firm favourites, with a string of solid results to her name this season, including a win at TransJeju by UTMB® (50K), 4th at Dacia UTMB® Mont-Blanc (100M) and second at Ultra-Trail Ninghai by UTMB® (100K). She will face tough opposition however, including Man Yee Cheung (HKG, UTMB Index 661) who will be looking to race well on home soil.  “I am from Hong Kong and have lived in Hong Kong my entire life so can’t miss the opportunity to race the first UTMB World Series race to be held locally!” added Cheung. 

Another Hong Kong local looking to do well at TransLantau by UTMB is Ki Chun Wong (HKG, UTMB Index 639) who will be looking to improve on her 5th place at TransJeju by UTMB earlier in the year. Racing the 100K, she will face Manon Bohard Cailler (FRA, UTMB Index 764) and Eszter Csillag (HUN, UTMB Index 765) who are both looking for redemption after both suffering DNF’s at Dacia UTMB Mont-Blanc.  

The strong Men Elite field continues throughout the rest of the events, with Daniel Jung (ITA, UTMB Index 871) hunting for the top spot in the 100K, while the Dacia UTMB Mont-Blanc TDS winner, Christian Meier (CAN, UTMB Index 864) will take on the 50K and Vlad Ixel (AUS, UTMB Index 837) comes with experience of Lantau after winning Lantau 2 Peaks in August.  

It is all to play for in the Women’s 50K, with runners from Czech Republic (Marecela Vasinova), Nepal (Sunmaya Budha), Belgium (Vanja Cnops), Australia (Jessica Short), Hong Kong (Tsz Kei Wong) and Japan (Hanah Fjelddahl) making up part of the international field that could head up the podium. The 25K race features a strong contingent of Hong Kong locals, with Erin Brown (HKG, UTMB Index 648) heading the field while Helene Boursier (FRA UTMB Index 537) and Ji Hyun Kim (JPN, UTMB Index 529) also try and make their mark.  

Follow the action live at 

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