Jun 16, 2021

UTMB® World Series Live Q&A

Following the announcement of an exciting new development in the sport of trail running with the introduction of the new UTMB® World Series, we hosted a live Q&A to address the main questions and concerns of the community.

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To provide a well-rounded view of opinions, the panel of speakers included:

  • Catherine Poletti, Co-founder UTMB®
  • Michel Poletti, Co-founder UTMB®
  • Marie Sammons, Ultra-Trail® World Tour Director
  • Brian Metzler, Running journalist
  • Stuart McConnachie, UTCT Race Director
  • Fernanda Maciel, Elite athlete
  • Jim Walmsley, Elite athlete

Check out the video below to learn everything you need to know about the UTMB® World Series, the concept, the sports system and the strategy for the future.