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Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB ready to showcase Mexican spirit and charm at first edition

Mexico’s charming Pacific Coast will host a brand-new event, Puerto Vallarta México by UTMB, 28-30 October. More than 2,500 runners from 32 countries have signed up to experience the ancient Mexican Wixárika heritage and spirit as they prepare for a unique journey through lush jungle and agaves, past ancient colonial towns, and endless rivers before an unforgettable finish at the beautiful Puerto Vallarta Bay.

Featuring five distances including 8km, 25km, 49km, 93km and 180km, there is a distance for both the seasoned trail runner and those looking to complete their first event and Race Director, Alejandro Ochoa Reyes is looking forward to welcoming them to this bucket-list destination.

He said, “The first edition of Puerto Vallarta Mxico by UTMB will take place in one of the most representative areas of our country. Runners will encounter all types of terrain, weather, and ecosystems. We will travel through the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental starting in the Magical Towns of San Sebastián del Oeste and Mascota, crossing a jungle area until we reach the renowned tourist destination of Puerto Vallarta in the Pacific Ocean.”

One of Canada’s top trail runners Dave Stevens is particularly looking forward to experiencing a new destination as part of the inaugural edition when he takes on the longest course. He said, “I like the unknowns of this race. As it is a new event, we have no real idea what the trail, food or running surface is really like. I am also drawn to the warmth, culture and food and particularly love the diversity of runners coming to this event due to its location in Central America and sandwiched between South and North America.”

At 180km and 6,450m of elevation gain, the 100M race has a fitting name. Titled Wixárika, which translates as ‘Deep Hearted Person’, the race takes you to the roots of the ancient Mexican heritage and promises an emblematic course that begins at the Sierra Madre Occidental.

The theme continues throughout each race category with the 93km race named Hikuri meaning ‘The Wise Man’ while ‘Nakawé’ epitomizes the 49km race and its meaning of mother water as runners start and finish their race at the beautiful Pacific beach town. Similarly, the ‘Ereno’ 25km race translates to ‘sea foam’ and offers a coastal adventure along the boardwalk. With the Pata Salada 8km translating to ‘salty feet’ while also being a colloquial demonym for people from the coast and particularly Puerto Vallarta, it perfectly highlights the Mexican culture and spirit as runners can look forward to immersing themselves within this unforgettable experience and bucket-list destination race.