To download a results template click here


  • Excel sheet in .xlsx or .xls file format
  • Make sure you have only one sheet in your excel file
  • Upload one different results file for each race
  • No empty rows


  • The results file must contain the compulsory headers.
    • Ranking | Time | Last Name | First Name | Birthdate | Gender | Nationality
  • Optional Headers
    • City | Bib Number | Team | Club
  • Heading start on the top line in row A1


  • 1 ranking - mixed age group & gender, do not rank the runners separately by category .
  • In order from fastest to slowest
  • The first result must be in Cell A2
  • For runners who did not complete the race
    • DNF in the rank column
    • No time recorded
    • At the end of the file after the ranked runners


  • in order from fastest to slowest, with the formating HH:MM:SS


  • M for male/men

  • F for female/women


  • Birthdates must be in the format YYYY-MM-DD or DD/MM/YYYY.
  • you can use / or - as a seperator but DO NOT USE A MIX OF BOTH


Common Faults for why your results cannot be uploaded.

  • The file is in PDF format. We only accept .xlsx and .xls files.
  • There is a compulsory heading missing.
  • The headings are not on the first row. – the compulsory headings must be on the top row, staring in cell A1
  • The results do not start on the second row.
  • You have used a Gender other than M or F
  • The is a mixture of date formats used, all dates must be formatted the same.
  • The wrong country code is used. We use 3 letter IOC codes.
  • Additional columns that are not required are left in the results sheet.
  • There is missing information from too many runners.
  • The rank column contains information other than numbers (1,2,3) or DNF